We believe that learning is a lifelong endeavour. We are also a firm believer in supporting the individual and, for some, this means that the world of work is the best place for them to learn compared with any other pathway.

If this is true for you, then an apprenticeship may be your best course of action. Cheetham Jackson are supporters of the apprenticeship programme and offer placements for people looking to gain a National Vocational Qualification whilst working.

The most common pathway into Cheetham Jackson is the Business Administration qualification, although we have been able to support people to go on to attain apprenticeships in everything from Financial Planning to I.T. and also Accounting.

Current Vacancies

How do I start on the Apprenticeship Pathway?

If you’re already with an Apprenticeship provider and looking for a placement, we’ll invite you in for a chat and also provide an opportunity for you to meet some of your potential future team-mates.

If we both agree that Cheetham Jackson is the right place for you, then you’ll be offered a role on a one year fixed term contract during which you can achieve your NVQ qualification whilst gaining important work experience and building yourself a great CV. 

At the end of your fixed term contract and where there are roles available, you’ll be invited to interview for any that you’re qualified to apply for. This could then lead to a permanent position where your development can continue as you build both your skills and knowledge, as well as your career.