Our Story

Stuart Jackson and Alan Cheetham met whilst working for the same company as Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers. Both were leaders in their field who had found somewhere that tallied with their personal values of integrity, honesty, client first, and face-to-face relationships built on trust.  

When the US company they worked for left the UK market in the wake of heightened regulation and increasing pressure on the financial markets due to the credit crunch, Stuart and Alan realised that there were no credible alternatives for them from which to work with clients that aligned with their personal values.   

Instead, they established Cheetham Jackson in 2009 and, in April 2010, they began operating as Cheetham Jackson Ltd in order to continue working within the scope of their personal values and to provide clients with a choice contrary to the impersonal and self-serving nature of many companies in the market that they had seen. 

It became apparent that their model and approach was unique and much needed in communities across the country.

However, whilst Alan and Stuart were both dedicated to the reason why they worked with their clients and what they could do for clients, they found that they each wanted to achieve this in different ways: one strove for excellence with clients from their local community, the other wanted to enable any client across the UK to be able to access the service and expertise that they could offer.   

In July 2012, Alan and Stuart decided to part ways so that each could focus on fulfilling their own purpose in the industry.  

Stuart’s background encompassed a range of roles that developed a core set of skills in financial services, professional services, process engineering, customer relationships, and the importance of doing the right thing.

All of this experience was brought to bear when creating the business that we know today and, as our Founder, Stuart continues to have a deep and lasting impact on the business such that we are steadfast in our desire to serve clients and to stay true to our core values and guiding principles.  

Cheetham Jackson Ltd now serves over 5000 clients from our network of 10 offices, as well as via our remote proposition, helping those clients to achieve their goals by advising them on over £1/2 billion of their investments. 

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