The Importance of Independence

When looking to get advice about investing your money, you will need to identify whether the adviser you are looking at is independent or restricted.

Whilst all financial advisers must be approved and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, pass the same qualifications, and meet the same ongoing requirements to ensure that they are providing suitable advice, they will offer distinctly different advice based on their independence status. This can have a big impact on the selection of products and providers offered in order to achieve the performance you require to achieve your goals.

So, what is the difference between independent and restricted investment advice?

Independent Advisers are able to offer financial products and providers from the whole of the market. We provide independent, unbiased and unrestricted advice to meet your needs and objectives and consider any advice in light of your current circumstances and investment choices.

Restricted Advisers can only recommend

  • A limited number of products (for example pensions but not investments or protection) from one or more provider,
  • A limited number of product providers (so they are not looking at the whole of the market for potential solutions), or
  • Both products and providers are restricted

We are and always will be extremely proud of our independent status.

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