Joint Venture Opportunities

Who are we?

Cheetham Jackson JV LLP was incorporated in 2013 and acts as a structural framework to building strategic partnerships with its new and existing Joint Venture partners. Cheetham Jackson JV is engaged in over 80 partnerships ranging from accountants, Umbrella companies, solicitors, and mortgage brokers to other complimentary businesses. Our fundamental aim is to help our JV partners to grow and evolve by retaining their clients and offering new ways to benefit, complement and enhance their existing service.

Through its Joint Ventures, Cheetham Jackson has consistently sought to engage with normal people as clients, whereas traditional wealth managers focus on individuals who have already arrived, we want to support them on their journey. Our favoured approach is to join forces with like-minded businesses who choose to implement financial planning services within their own trusted brand. In return, businesses gain the opportunity to offer a new and enhanced service to their clients via internal referral alongside increasing revenue both in terms of initial income and a growing capital value in the mutual business.

Working in partnership with Cheetham Jackson, you would be able to offer clients financial planning advice and in-house expertise on a broad range of needs, without requiring additional authorisations or compliance activity.

Like all partnership businesses a coherent strategy and quality communication is required to maximise the benefits. The good news is we have a proven process whereby we ensure that there is relevant support and structure every step of the way.

Are you our perfect Partner?

We rely on the clarity of our purpose as well as strong management support to drive commitment to secure delivery. All likeminded businesses will be considered and though we are primarily a northern business we have partnerships as far afield as London and Brighton. Above all, working together with honesty, transparency and integrity is ultimately what determines the success of our partnerships.

If you have an interest in supporting your clients in terms of their future, please simply complete this link and I will call you to discuss.

Cheetham Jackson Joint Venture Enquiry