Life Planning

There are many stages of life that need careful planning to prevent them from becoming a burden or from taking plans off-track. Careful planning can often turn a daunting life event into an exciting adventure, such as saving for a deposit for your first home or saving for your children or grandchildren’s education. 

Added to this is the impact of people living longer, the make-up of today’s modern family changing, and increasingly people expecting that they will need to provide financial support (even when in retirement) to someone other than their current partner, such as children, grandchildren, a former partner or a partner’s children.  

By working with your financial adviser, you can plan for those important life events that may either be happening to you right now or that you need to factor into your wider plans so that you can achieve the outcomes that you want, rather than letting events control your outcomes. This holistic approach to your financial planning will ensure that your financial adviser understands what is important to you and can tailor your plan accordingly. 

Here are some of the main areas in which we can provide you with advice, what is currently on your mind?