The Journey to Financial Independence.

On any journey there may be many modes of transport or a variety of vehicles that can be used to reach the desired destination; successful investing is no different. Once we have worked closely with a client to understand what they are genuinely looking to achieve, what is their point of departure, their destination, and how much time is available for the journey, we will then help them ‘map-out’/define the best route and the most suitable investment vehicles in order to get there as safely and efficiently as possible.


‘Investment’ can mean different things to different people. Over recent years the financial services business has developed ever more complex, intricate investment products, with a commensurate increase in commissions and costs resulting in significantly higher charges. Investors have often bought investments without fully understanding what they are investing in. The result has all too often been the wrong investment, at the wrong time, for the wrong reason. As with all that we do, we believe in total transparency, education and honesty, so you will have the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions; if you don’t understand our recommendation – we will not implement it.

Shares, bonds and Gilts

Shares, Bonds and Gilts are the basic ‘building blocks’ of all diversified investment portfolios. We believe that the best way to gain exposure to investment markets is through such investments, both directly through the major world stock markets and indirectly through collective investments such as unit trusts and OEICS. As financial planners, we can access all the major markets and believe our clients benefit directly from our greater depth of knowledge and experience. By understanding and explaining how investments work and how they behave, we can build portfolios that are diversified, balanced and designed to potentially achieve the returns you require.

Pensions, ISAs and other ‘tax-efficient’ plans

Investment returns can be substantially reduced by income tax, capital gains tax, and corporation tax. Our practice is to use tax-efficient planning within our client’s investment portfolios. We can ensure that returns are enhanced, for example through tax relief on pension contributions (up to 40% income tax relief), or protected from tax through the use of tax ‘wrappers’ such as ISAs which allow tax-free growth and income.

Inheritance Tax Planning

It is our belief that the success we achieve in helping clients to maximise their wealth, should ultimately reach those that our clients wish it to reach, this rarely if ever includes paying more to the government by way of Inheritance tax. Whilst maximising returns to provide our clients with the levels of income they require, to enjoy their lives to the full, we also work with them to ensure that we protect their assets and facilitate their transfer through the generations as efficiently as possible.

Wealth Management – Retention and Preservation

A former Chancellor of the Exchequer once said that Inheritance Tax is a voluntary tax. We believe the success we achieve in helping clients maximise their wealth should enable them to retain their wealth, and transferring it in an efficient manner – ideally tax-free – to those they most wish to benefit. Whilst maximising returns to provide our clients with the levels of income they require to enjoy their lives to the full, we also work with them to ensure that they protect their assets and facilitate their successful transfer to their chosen beneficiaries.

Many clients are increasingly concerned about the possibility of needing long-term care in their later years, and are fearful of the financial consequences this can involve. We are professionally qualified to give advice in this important area and can provide clients (and their professional advisers) with advice to protect their existing investments, homes and other assets that may otherwise have to be sold to fund nursing home fees and costs.

Investment that rests on experience…

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