We help people take control of their financial planning, by working with our clients, to empower them with information, education and understanding, and then applying it to help them achieve their unique financial planning goals.

We have a very clear view of what clients need and want from a financial planning company and it is in these views we believe we are very different to our competition.

Your success defines our success

By offering clients a high level of service and working with them to achieve their financial goals, our experience shows our reputation will continue to develop and grow. Consequently our clients recommend us to colleagues, friends and family members. Furthermore, since our fee remuneration is correlated with our client’s investment portfolios, we share in the success of our clients. Such a symbiotic relationship ensures we remain focussed on helping our clients achieve their financial planning goals.

Service is All

We believe we are unique in the level of service we provide, since our entire proposition is centred on the client.

Trust comes from Information and Education

The process of successful investing is one that can test the emotions of any investor. At Cheetham Jackson we recognise this and help to manage those emotions through comprehensive ongoing education and information so that our clients fully understand what to expect during the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of the financial planning ‘journey’. In so doing, clients acquire the knowledge needed to manage the emotions of investing, helping them to remain focussed on achieving their goals.

We Drive Down Investment Costs to Improve Your Investment Returns

We are passionate about driving down the costs of investment. Over the past 30 years these costs have consistently risen and can often absorb 50%, (or more!) of the returns investments achieve (see FSA Occasional Paper 6 – ‘The Price of Retail Investing in the UK’ by Kevin R James). Every 1% reduction in costs each year gives our clients an extra 1% of return. We know how to make significant reductions in the costs of investment, and can show our clients how to do this.

Strong Relationships Breed Confidence

The Adviser – Client relationship should be one of significant value. However, the only way to achieve this is through a committed and long-term relationship. Becoming a client of Cheetham Jackson requires such commitment from both parties, but it is the strength of this commitment which will create and sustain the confidence of achieving your financial goals.

What We Promise – We Do

Our clients know that once we commit to doing something, it gets done. To us this is a core value which is expected from everyone at Cheetham Jackson and to which we are fully committed.

Moderate Risk – Maximise Return

Although service is paramount, we must also ‘add value’ to maximise our client’s investment strategy. In general, higher investment returns are often achieved by financial advisors (and clients) by taking higher risks. We do not follow this policy; instead, we identify the level of return required and create and implement a bespoke portfolio designed to moderate risk and have the potential to achieve the desired rate of return over time.

To Control Emotion is to Achieve Financial Goals

There is much research that supports our conviction that investors’ emotions often have a dramatic impact on their success with investing. Many investors say they know when it is the right time to invest – at the ‘bottom’ of the market; and they also know when to sell – at the ‘top’ of the market!  Unfortunately, those same investors actually do the opposite – they tend to ‘buy’ after they have seen a period of success (usually after a prolonged upward trend) and then, once the market has suffered one of its frequent periodic falls (about once every 3 to 5 years) they become disillusioned and sell – into a falling market. In other words, most investors buy and sell at precisely the wrong times often caused by the powerful emotions of fear and greed! We understand this very well, and as professional advisers, our relationship with our clients is such that we work very hard to ensure none of them make these fatal, emotional, investing mistakes.

Real Value Only Achieved Through an Effective Partnership

At Cheetham Jackson we know that we can add a significant amount of value to all of our clients, but this can only be achieved through a careful commitment to identifying, designing, implementing and proactively managing a financial plan to which our clients (and we) have wholeheartedly committed ourselves.

Continuous Improvement – The Pursuit of Excellence

We want to create and develop a sustainable business designed to deliver the highest quality of service, achieve market returns, and do so at low cost for our clients.  This will be achieved through a long term commitment to excellence and traditional values so that all our clients can be confident that their financial objectives are in the hands of a company that cares about their achievement as much as they do.

Investment that protects whats precious…

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